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Training Course

StoryBrand, an industry leading marketing workshop company, approached Fivestone to rethink their online video training. Beyond just updating the online curriculum, they wanted to take the content to the next level and make it come alive! We were excited to partner with them because we were already big believers in the StoryBrand process. We worked hand-in-hand with their team to produce a live show featuring CEO and NY Times best selling author, Don Miller, at the historic Franklin Theatre.

Training Course

The Result

The resulting content was edited down into 13 powerful modules. But that is where the real fun began as our team create over 40 minutes of animation to illustrate the points Don was making. These graphics were then composited into the ‘space’ around Don to add impact to his presentation. We were thrilled to deliver over 2 hours of compelling training content to help Storybrand clients around the world clarify their marketing message!


Our team is world-class, demonstrating our commitment to bringing our A game to every engagement. Here are a few of our allies that helped craft this project.
Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
David Perry
Director of Photography
Micah Simms
Scott Simmons
Art Director / Designer
Daniel Petrino
Eric Stars
Sound Designer / Animator
Carson Carr

Zeta Global


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