Business Made Simple University Videos

One of our favorite collaborative partners is Don Miller and his team at Storybrand. Their passion for excellence and willingness to take risks always makes for an exciting ride and an unbelievable outcome. This project was massive in scope and took us the better part of the year to complete due to delays in filming caused by COVID. The ask was to help them create 60 videos and over 10 hours of content for the launch of their new product, Business Made Simple University. Aside from a massive amount of post-production, we create a robust After Effects toolkit and motion graphics template that would allow their editors to keep making gorgeous content after we wrapped.

Business Made Simple University Videos


Our team is world-class, demonstrating our commitment to bringing our A game to every engagement. Here are a few of our allies that helped craft this project.
Executive Producer
David Perry
Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
Post Producer
Addi Forras
Design Director
Daniel Petrino
Kevin Harkness
Daniel Petrino
Carson Carr
James Clark
Editing & Color
Carson Carr
Christian Whittemore
Ken Conrad
Sound Design
Carson Carr

Capital CMG

Thomas Moore

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