Johnson Controls Inc

Customer Experience Center

Fivestone Studios was selected by Hyperquake, a creative strategy, branding, and experiential marketing agency, to help develop innovative interactive & digital storytelling elements for Johnson Control’s new OpenBlue Innovation Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A few of our roles on the project included:

  • Seamless extensions of the physical design with digital media
  • Content strategy for product & service line storytelling
  • Customer-centric UI/UX design
  • Script & Creative development for video, animation & interactive components
  • Software architecture & development of CMS and interactive components
  • Animation & CG development
  • AV planning & oversight in partnership with Electrosonic

Customer Experience Center

Interactive Globe

Fivestone’s large format, real-time interactive globe explorer was leveraged to craft the perfect platform for mapping Johnson Controls’ global footprint. This immersive, multi-touch interactive map showed the locations of countless innovation centers, customer stories, industry customers, partners, and stand-out net zero buildings. We utilized PIXERA’s mini and two media systems for the LED screen interactives. We needed a media playback partner that provided strong support, was reliable, and capable of rendering our content at the highest level of quality without compromise. PIXERA delivered on all of these fronts.
We designed the software architecture & CMS in close collaboration with JCI to ensure that updating and managing the experience after installation would be seamless and easy.

Interactive Product Explorer

One of our primary directives was to ensure that every digital touchpoint was accessible and easy to navigate. One of the challenges was organizing Johnson Control’s vast product & service offerings. To facilitate this, we grouped products around building types, then organized product offerings down to system and application levels. This translated into an interactive product explorer that allowed customers to choose a building type and then drill down to detailed cross-sectional renders of buildings to see the detailed products within.

The interactive installation included a centralized Content Management System (CMS) that is managed internally by Johnson Controls, allowing their team to update product and service details after installation. Fivestone designed the underlying software architecture and collaborated closely with Electrosonic for AV/hardware integration on system architecture.

Interactive Projection Book

The Projected Book facilitates an interactive journey seamlessly blending the realms of literature, company history, and technology by integrating animated projections onto the pages of a physical book. As readers turn pages, animated images and text change dynamically, creating a captivating visual narrative while educating readers on the company’s commitments to innovation and sustainability. We built a custom RFID tagging system for tracking reader progress and collaborated with Kubik for fabrication and device placement.


Our team is world-class, demonstrating our commitment to bringing our A game to every engagement. Here are a few of our allies that helped craft this project.
Fivestone Studios
Executive Producer
Traylor Woodall
Creative Director
Ron Edelen
Jennifer Bonior
Director of Innovation
Justin Eslinger
Cody Parnell
Jeff Crouse
Josh Tulloch
Animator / 3D artist
James Clark
Animator / 3D artist
Kate Mrozowski Lim
Animator / Video Editor
Carson Carr
Katie Gray

Creative Director
John McDaniel
Project Manager
Julie Hakemoller
Experience Designer
Hayley Hinshaw
Director of Strategy & Experiential Content
Kathryn Beane
Content Strategist
Natalie Iredale
AV Integration

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