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Samtec, Inc. is a privately held, $613 million global manufacturer of electronic interconnects. The level of customer service and product innovation that they offer is unmatched in their industry. Samtec came to us in search of a way to make their micro products and advanced technologies more accessible. So, we came up with a set of product videos and a one-of-a-kind product visualizer that give customers a unique look into the products and technologies they’re buying. Check it out below:

Product Explorer

As an innovative tech company, it is critical for Samtec’s marketing collateral to be as awesome as their products. We used our Product Explorer platform to create interactive 3D applications that helped their sales team demo their products and engage with customers across multiple platforms.

Our team of modelers, designers, animators, developers and managers took this project from vision to the web, desktop and App Store. Click here to view the Samtec Product Explorer web player*, or go here to download the app to your iPad.

*Unity plugin will need to be downloaded for web player. Google Chrome is not currently supported.

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Barco BTS
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Barco BTS

Product Videos

Static web pages can only say so much to customers. We helped Samtec add the extra “wow factor” to their web and tradeshow presence by revamping their product marketing videos. Using attractive model enhancements and slick camera movement we were able to take products the size of a thumbnail and explore the essential details that are easily lost in images and physical samples.


Samtec, Inc.


Ashley Quinlan – Client Producer

Laura Kachnavage – Client Producer

Davis Dillard – Client Creative Director

Tom Beck – Client 3D Artist

Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Jordan Holt – Producer

Kevin Harkness – Technical Director / Developer / Animator

Kyle Jones – Creative Director / Designer

David Pettey – Developer

Juan Rubio – Devleoper

Caresse Haaser – Designer

Daniel Petrino – Designer

Carson Carr – Animator

Taylor Schomp – Model Prep