Vanderbilt University

Find Your Impact

We love it when a client brings a project that opens up opportunities to explore new techniques and effects. As our team worked with Vanderbilt to develop the ‘Find You Impact’ campaign, we found a double exposure treatment that helped amplify and visualize the heroic journeys of Vanderbilt students, alumni, and faculty. The creative challenge then became finding the right ‘interior’ footage that matched the movements of our students. The deliverables of this campaign were a :30 broadcast spot, multiple :10 ads and large format print pieces for the BNA airport. Principle videography was filmed on a Phantom camera at 500fps.

Find Your Impact


Our team is world-class, demonstrating our commitment to bringing our A game to every engagement. Here are a few of our allies that helped craft this project.
Vanderbilt University
Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
Executive Producers
David Perry
Brian Altman
Design Director
Daniel Petrino
Jennifer Bonior
Eric Stars
Daniel Petrino
Carson Carr
Kevin Harkness
Sound Design & Mixing
Carson Carr



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