Fivestone AR Coaster App

If you spend any time around Fivestone, you will realize we love a good time and that almost always means great food and fellowship around our kitchen table. And of course, if we are eating that means there really should be some drinking… to wash things down properly. To that end, we have with great delight, developed an augmented reality app that pares quite nicely with some drink coasters we designed. With these coasters and our app, you can augment your refreshment with cool content we will be serving up throughout the year.

The app is available on IOS and Android. If you don’t have one of our coasters, you can download and print them here. Also, be sure to sign up for updates for when we release new content on the app!

Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
Design Director
Daniel Petrino
Producer/Project Manager
Jennifer Bonior
AR Developer
Keenan Woodall
3D Animation / Modeling
James Clark
Technical Direction / Support
Kevin Harkness & Ken Conrad