Carpenter Technologies Customer Experience

Carpenter is a technology company that began as a steel mill in Pennsylvania and has now grown into a global company with many divisions and a broad set of capabilities. We were brought in to help create a digital tour for their Huntsville customer experience center. This location primarily focuses on additive manufacturing (3D Laser printing) for aerospace and a host of other markets. We developed a digital suite of interactive, film, and animation content that was deployed across a range of screens and technologies including a 6k touchscreen experience, an augmented reality table tour, and multiple digital signage screens.

Carpenter Technologies AR Video
Carpenter Technologies
Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
Executive Producer
Brian Altman
Design Director
Daniel Petrino
3D/Technical Director
Kevin Harkness
Kevin Harkness, James Clark, Daniel Petrino & Tanner Riddle
Unity Development
David Hindman & Keenan Woodall
Riley Barling