Virtual Studio Solution

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Fivestone Studios’ post-production pipeline is a 100% virtual work environment built on a cloud infrastructure. Our clients and team collaborate in real-time around the globe with the latest tools.

Clear The Bottlenecks

Our platform helps content creators produce faster, better, and cheaper content even in a global pandemic.
Eliminate silos while working from home with the connectivity you expect from a studio environment.
Ditch filesharing bottlenecks and collaborate in real time as a team on our cloud server.
Enjoy all your favorite creative tools with real-time, buttery smooth interactivity.
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Virtual Studio Benefits

Tap into our global talent pool of editors, animators, designers, and directors.
Pay for what you need - We spin up studio environments for just the life of your project.'
Bring your team! We love collaborating with clients on our platform.
All you need is a basic computer and internet. No high-powered connections or hardware required.
Data sharing is secure between regions, users & clients.
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Case Studies

Capital CMG

Created a full music video + personalized video engine for Capital CMG label and their artists:

  • Worked with remote artists and developers in Brazil, LA and Nashville.
  • Artists worked on our cloud server using Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

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Storybrand needed a massive amount of videos developed for Business Made Simple University:

  • 60 videos (over 10 hours of content)
  • Editing + After Effects toolkit
  • Team ranged from LA to Nashville from our talent network

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We worked with a team of talented animators to develop a cel-animated campaign for Thrivent:

  • Animated :60, :30, and :15 spots
  • After Effects & Adobe Premiere
  • Animation team worked from Detroit, Sweden, Nashville, and Atlanta.

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