Trex UK International

If you have cable, you’ve probably seen your fair share of home improvement shows. We all love ’em — there’s nothing quite like watching someone’s property become their dream home! So, when The Buntin Group asked if we wanted to show off a backyard transformation featuring TREX decking, we couldn’t wait to see what we could do. Together with the team over at Magnetic Dreams, we created a photoreal CG simulation that turns your typical, overgrown backyard into a patio lover’s paradise. Check out what we came up with for this TREX UK TV spot!

The Buntin Group
Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
Direction of Production
Brian Altman
Taylor Schomp
Animation Team
Don Culwell, James Coakley, Tim Crowson, Wenie Rahardja, Brad Applebaum, Randy Saba
Buntin Art Director
Don Bailey
Buntin Deputy Creative Director
Ray Reed
Buntin Associate Content Producer
Paige Shafrath
Buntin SVP / Director of Content Production
Tom Gibney
Buntin Brand Director
Brandy Zimmerle
Buntin Brand Manager
Kristen Scott
Buntin SVP, Group Brand Director
Alex Plewinski