We have felt the tremendous shifts and uncertainty that Covid has brought to the production community.  The greatest challenge has been providing safe and reliable solutions to help our clients and partners create great content. We are excited to share the results of a lot of R&D and prototyping –  a fully remote production kit and workflow. Special thanks to our friends at Contrast Visuals who partnered with us.



  • 100% remote. Capture high quality video & sound with no on-site crew.
  • Collaborate in real-time with clients, creatives & talent.
  • Fully remote camera control & live-view makes the process simple and reliable.
  • Utilizes the latest iPhone & Android technology and creative software.
  • Producers & Directors get live control of story & performance.
  • Clients get live control of content & strategy.
  • Cinematographers get live control of composition, lighting, & sound.
  • Live technical support makes setup & operation achievable for anyone.
  • Ship this innovative camera & communication solution anywhere in the world.
  • 10 camera and 10 light kits make this a scaleable solution for large campaigns

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