The Escape Game

Immersive Content Collaboration Case Study Video

What can be more exciting than creating CG visuals for an immersive time travel train experience? Watch our case study video to learn more about the amazing collaboration with The Escape Game to develop CG worlds for their new themed entertainment experience.

Immersive Content Collaboration Case Study Video

The Challenge

Figuring out what King Arthur’s Castle, King Tut’s Tomb, the Prehistoric Era, Leonardo Davinci’s workshop, and a futuristic city might look like from the windows of a train were just a few of the visual challenges we tackled during the development of this project. And to make it a little more fun, we needed to integrate visual elements and clues into the CG environments that they would need to solve the real-world puzzles. Players experienced more realistic gameplay because they had to take into account both the exterior world as well as the train interior to beat the game. Here are a few styleframes of the CG environments we created during this project.


A critical part of this project’s success was in planning out the flow of the story and visuals and how participants would engage with our content. Design director, Daniel Petrino, built an extensive set of storyboards and frames to help visualize the key moments, art direction, and screen layouts for the creative team.

Technical Development

At the core the Fivestone content pipeline is our virtual studio. This cloud-based environment allows our global team of artists, animators, editors and creatives to collaborate in real-time without the typical bottlenecks created by syncing content between local workstations and the cloud. This was critical since the project files were over 4 terabytes in size.

The team utilized Cinema 4D and Redshift for CG development with some additional scenes and FX created by and Unreal & Houdini. Mixamo was used for the knight character animation while our character animator, Eric Stars, hand animated all the dinosaurs!


Our team is world-class, demonstrating our commitment to bringing our A game to every engagement. Here are a few of our allies that helped craft this project.
Executive Producer
Brian Altman
Addi Forras
Creative Director
Daniel Petrino
Lead 3D Artist
Kevin Harkness
3D Set Designer
Jake Wegesin
3D Modeler
Will Oglesby
3D Animator
Carson Carr
3D Animator
Abraham Torna
3D Animator
Tanner Riddle
3D Animator
Eric Stars
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