BARCO Projection Mapping

DWP Live approached us to create an architectural projection at Cinemacon for their client, Barco. The goal was to create an immersive event for Barco’s party. The site of the projection was Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Fivestone Studios’ creative team used a laser-scanned model provided by DWP Live as well as Cinema 4D and After Effects for visual content. Ableton Live was used for sound design, scoring, and mixing.

Client, Production and Projection Credits
Dwp Live
Executive Producers
Danny Whetstone and Rick Boot
Lead Pandora Artist
Ben Ryle
Pandora Support
Clay Tipton
Justin Carlson
Animation & Music credits
Executive Creative Director
Traylor Woodall
Executive Producer
Brian Altman
Sara Towne
Sound Design / Scoring
Carson Carr and Zach Gunter
Design & Animation
Kyle Jones, Kevin Harkness, Carson Carr, Mark Walzak, Zach Gunter, Jake Wegesin, Taylor Schomp and Caresse Haaser