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Fivestone Fun

Fivestone Studios is a creative boutique / production company with offices in Nashville, TN and Austin, TX. Our teams develop high end content for a wide range of national clients. We understand that making awesomeness happen day in and day out requires a team that functions like a well-oiled and happy machine. This means that our producers spend as much time shaping culture as they do shaping content. A few highlights of Fivestone culture that all applicants need to be aware of:

• While we live for making awesome creative, it will never be made at the expense of our people, families, or community.
• We are not a sweat shop. We work hard and expect excellence, but we manage our projects and clients to achieve work / life balance for our team.
• Very simply, we treasure our people- whether they are our staff, vendors, partners, clients, or community. If you work here you need to be fun, friendly and have a natural bent toward building teams up, NOT tearing them down.
• We operate as a highly collaborative team. Plan on leaving your ego at the door.