Projection Mapping

World Outreach Church, a large congregation in the Nashville area, is known for unveiling otherworldly immersive experiences. So when they came to us wanting to do something extra special, we felt challenged – and deeply excited.

First, we started with taking over the their main atrium ceiling with a custom projection mapping show. We teamed up with longtime Caesar’s Palace takeover collaborator, DWP. The experience called for something non-narrative, which is different than what we have normally done. So we created three different types of sequences, held together by the beautiful internal workings of ancient brass gears and messaging. The first sequence was a series of physics demonstrations. The second was a series of nature scenes, including an underwater scene with a life sized whale. The third was a series of light shows taking the viewer through tunnels of lights and shapes. The intent was not just to create beautiful imagery, but to show the Church’s branding in the different scenes, so that it gave a personal experience for the congregation.

Fellowship Tree

The second experience was something especially thrilling for us. WOC wanted to create a life sized tree that would tower in the middle of the fellowship hall. We had been looking for a chance to create an actual physical installation, and this was the chance we were looking for. We envisioned something mythical; something out of a fantasy novel. Also something that people could get into. So first we created the look and design, and then collaborated with a local builder, MadeFirst, who is critically acclaimed for doing great immersive experiences, to do the fabrication and installation. We were thrilled to see the idea literally come off the page. It was bigger, better and more impressive than we could have imagined.

To see these two immersive experiences comes to life was special. It was fulfilling to see families being overwhelmed with emotion when seeing the ceiling above them transform into other worlds. It was inspiring to see children and adults climb inside the tree with equal jubilation. It’s moments like these that make us love what we do.




Fellowship Tree

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Creative Director – Kei Gowda

Producer/Project Manager – David Perry

Art Director/Designer – Daniel Petrino

Designer – Kevin Harkness

Fabricator – MadeFirst

Projection Mapping

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer – Brian Altman

Producer – David Perry

Art Director – Daniel Petrino

Design/Animation – Daniel Petrino, Kevin Harkness, Eric Stars

Sound Design – Carson Carr

Projection Mapping Services – DWP