Fivestone was not going to let 2016 breeze by without getting in on the virtual reality action! Weirdlings is a VR game we are developing that tells the not-so-scary tale of a haunted island. According to local lore, there are ghosts and other creepy critters crawling all over – your job is to come back with proof. Armed with only a camera, you must get as many pictures of the inhabitants of the island as you can. As you begin snapping pics, you find that the creatures are not as scary as they seem at the outset. They appear quite luminescent and goofy when lit by the camera’s flash. Though the project is still ongoing, you can check out a 360° demo video below!

Visual Development

Weirdlings Characters


Fivestone Studios


Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Creative Director – Nick Daum

Producer – David Perry

Creative Director/Concept Artist – Kyle Jones

3D Modeler/Texturer – Alyson Adams

Technical Director/Look Development/Lighting – Kevin Harkness

Animator – Eric Stars

Developer/Programmer – David Hindman

Developer/Programmer – Keenan Woodall