We recently stepped out from behind our computers and partnered with a high school in our local community for a fun side project! Martin Luther King Academic Magnet School gave us the opportunity to come in and share some of the magic behind what we do. Over three workshops, we touched on animation and storytelling while developing an idea for a short film about stereotypes. Check out our behind-the-scenes footage of the workshop here:


Our goal was to create an experience that would teach and inspire students and provide an outlet for sharing important issues affecting their lives. The creative workshop that we came up with had three main components:

  • Discuss the history and styles of animation
  • Share our techniques and processes
  • Collaborate on a fun topic of their choosing.


The end result was so much more than we could have imagined. Beyond getting to create a short film, we learned more about our community and the issues facing students today. The feeling is amazing to help empower and provide a voice to an important message that needs to be heard. Below are photos from our celebratory pizza party and screening with the class:


“MLK’s artistic collaboration with Fivestone Studios brought our Animation Unit to new heights. The team at Fivestone was amazing!  They exposed our students to digital art software many had never seen. They gave us the opportunity to see students’ ideas come to life! But even more than that, the supportive and enthusiastic Fivestone team made everything possible. It’s easy to see why this was Art II’s favorite project of the year.”
-Ms. Kendal Stoney, Teacher

MLK Poster


Fivestone Studios


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Producer – Tara VanLaeken

Fivestone Teachers and Animators – Daniel Petrino, Caresse Haaser, and Kyle Jones

Audio – Carson Carr and Kyle Jones

Video / Editing – Carson Carr

MLK Students – Mrs. Stoney’s art class

Photography – Brett Warren