Samtec TeeBox

Fivestone has been working with Samtec for the past 2 years to bring their corporate headquarters to life with compelling technology and content integrations. This encompassed several projects and stories, including their 21-foot touch screen interactive, and several video walls with content produced exclusively for the space.

One of stories that Fivestone produced were two videos for Samtec’s Teebox video wall. The purpose of these videos were for prospective customers or visitors touring the facilities, to hear the story of who Samtec is, how and why the company was started, and the value that it brings to their customers, and by extension, the world that we all experience every day.

The video’s vision required several live action shoots and multiple animation scenes. The goal was to showcase Samtec’s unique products in a beautiful style, and showcase its people so that viewers are given a perspective into their engaging culture and personality.

In the end, the Teebox videos deliver an inspirational tone, and viewers are left with the feeling that positive innovation can make our world a better place, and together with Samtec, that can be accomplished.



Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production/Operation – Brian Altman

Producer/Director – David Perry

Art Director/Senior Designer – Daniel Petrino

Senior Animator – Eric Stars

Senior Designer/Animator – Kevin Harkness

Animator – Matt Roberts

Editor/Animator – Carson Carr

Colorist – Rodney Williams

Sound Designer/Mixer – Carson Carr

Line Producer – Casey Fuller

Director of Photography – Dave Ogle


Account Supervisor/Marketing – Ashley Quinlan

Account Supervisor/Marketing – Madison Hamman

Writer – Ashley Quinlan

Art Director – Davis Dillard

Additional Footage provided by Samtec