The Regal Cinemas RPX brand needed a powerful animated trailer that would play before every film and remind audiences of why their entertainment experience was so amazing. We created a fanciful world that came alive with the light of laser projectors, vibrating Buttkicker seats, immersive Dolby Atmos 3D sound, and humongous screens.


Regal Cinemas


Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer – Brian Altman

Design Director – Daniel Petrino

Producer – Addi Forras

Lead Animators – Jake Wegesin, Kevin Harkness

3D modeling – Kevin Harkness & Tanner Riddle

Storyboarding – Lily Claudio

Color and Conform – Ken Conrad

Sound Design – Carson Carr

Dolby Atmos Mix – Paragon Studios / Fred Paragano