Perkins Social Media

Perkins Stop Motion Videos

After seeing the success of the Perkins social media videos that we worked on earlier this year, Perkins and The Buntin Group decided to come back for more! This time, featuring toy trucks and boxing rings. We had a blast building stacks of skyscraper pancakes and creating mini tater tot wrestlers! Check out our two newest stop motion videos below:




The Buntin Group


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production & Operations – Brian Altman

Creative Director – Kyle Jones

Producer – Taylor Schomp

Stop Motion Animators – Kyle Jones, Daniel Petrino

Sound Design – Carson Carr

The Buntin Group

Jeff Parson – Sr. Art and Digital Design Director

Brittany Chapman – Art Director

Tori Waddell – Social Media & Content Specialist

Benjamin Hurston – Assistant Copywriter

Paige Shafrath – Associate Content Producer

Tom Gibney – Director of Content Production