Perkins – Avocado Showdown

Perkins came back to us for more stop-motion fun with the launch of their new Southwest Salad. We delivered a wild west flavored short featuring a stand-off between a butter knife wielding sheriff and a no good avocado outlaw. You’ll be hankerin’ for a side of salsa fer sure.


The Buntin Group


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production & Operations – Brian Altman

Creative Director – Kyle Jones

Producer – Taylor Schomp

Stop Motion Animators – Kyle Jones, Daniel Petrino

Sound Design – Carson Carr

The Buntin Group

Jeff Parson – Sr. Art and Digital Design Director

Brittany Chapman – Art Director

Tori Waddell – Social Media & Content Specialist

Benjamin Hurston – Assistant Copywriter

Paige Shafrath – Associate Content Producer

Tom Gibney – Director of Content Production