Native Interactive Illustration

If you’ve ever been to our Nashville office, you’ve seen quite a few copies of Native Magazine lying around. Native is a local magazine that embodies and promotes our town’s creative culture. Recently, they released their second annual color issue. For this issue only, Native calls on advertisers, illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers to submit content that is exclusively black, white, grayscale and one Pantone spot color. We were up for the challenge! In fact, we thought: why not create a magazine spread that combines our love for print and motion design? So, we created a one-of-a-kind interactive print ad. After scanning a bar code at the top of the page, readers watch as the design comes to life. Watch the video above or check out their online April issue to see it in action!


Native Magazine


Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production – Brian Altman

Producer – Jordan Holt

Designer & Animator – Kyle Jones

Sound Design – Carson Carr