Serra Commercials

Among the most common staples of television are commercials for local auto dealers. So when Moore Media came to us with an idea to do something different for Nashville’s Serra GMC and Buick, we were intrigued. The vision was to create 6 humorous, awkward spots highlighting the all-too-often failed customer experience, and then showcasing how Serra always delivers – and delivers big. By creating fun little vignettes, it was an opportunity to deliver something memorable and engaging for viewers.

We partnered with production company Paper Ghost Pictures, to produce the 6 spots, bringing on local director, Motke Dapp. Production took place over a 3 day period, filming all over the Nashville area, and highlighting some of Nashville’s best talent. It was a fantastic time shooting and editing these spots, which are being unveiled throughout the year. We love producing live action content, and can’t wait to see how these high production value pieces deliver valuable ROI for Serra.




Fivestone Studios

Director – Motke Dapp

Director of Photography – Micah Simms

Executive Producer – David Perry

Producer – Ryan Hartsock

Editor – Carson Carr

Sound Design – Carson Carr

Colorist – Rodney Williams

Moore Media

Jeremy Anderson – Director of Strategy & Account Planning