Logan’s Southern Steak Meal Spot

There is no secret that we love food at Fivestone. So it is with a great pleasure to be asked by Logan’s Roadhouse to create a :30 and :15 spot for their Southern Steak Meal. NOTE: The only downside was watching mouthwatering steak repeatedly on our screens. To help rehab this repetitive stress type injury, we took a Logan’s lunch out to experience the great Southern Steak Meal ourselves.






Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Creative Director – Kyle Jones

Director of Production – Brian Altman

Producer – Sara Towne

Designer/2D Animator/FX – Jake Wegesin

Production Artist – Taylor Schomp

Line Producer – April Kimbrell

Director – Jeff Steinborn

Editor – Jason Lyons

Copywriters – Bill Owens, Coe Douglas

Color Correction – Storyville Post

Audio Mixing/Sound FX – Digital Audio Post

VO Studio – CO3