Two of our Nashville neighbors, Stonecastle Pictures and The Buntin Group, approached us to help out on a project for Huhtamaki. They were partnering together to create a brand film for use at a rapidly approaching conference, and wanted to throw some CG magic in the mix. After dropping off samples of the products, our team got to work modeling and texturing photoreal renders in Cinema 4D. The end result was a seamless integration of our animation and their footage that tells Huhtamaki’s unfolding story. Check out the video to see how it all came together!


Stonecastle Pictures


Stonecastle Pictures

Director – Barry Simmons

Director of Photography – Jeremy Gonzales

Editor – Derek Pearson

Producer – Iain Montgomery


VP/Design Director – Jason Skinner

Producer – Iris Baker

Creative Director – Barry Simmons

Senior Producer – Iain Montgomery

Associate Content Producer – Paige Shafrath

SVP/Director of Content Production – Tom Gibney

Associate Brand Director – Jillian Wyatt

Brand Manager – Emily Wurz

Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer – Brian Altman

Producer – Taylor Schomp

3D Modeler – Kevin Harkness

Animators – Carson Carr, Kevin Harkness, Matt Roberts