Honda Holiday Card

With great pleasure we were asked to create Honda R&D’s holiday ecard by our friends at O2 Ideas for the second year in a row. The basic idea was to portray a Honda engineer creating paper snowflakes that magically transformed into products. By the end, we were mixing origami, snowflake cutting, hole punchers, and good old fashioned scissors and paper to create a winter wonderland on the engineers desk.

Behind the Scenes


O2 Ideas

Honda Research


Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Kyle Jones – Creative Director/Lead Designer & Animation

Jeff Nichols – Creative Director/Line Producer

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Sara Towne – Producer

Mark Walczak – Technical Director/3D Modeler/Animator

Jonathan Richter – Technical Consultant

Kevin Harkness – 3D Modeler/Animator

Daniel Petrino – Designer/Talent

Taylor Schomp – Production Artist

Ian David – Client Producer

Jake Odom – Client Producer

Joy Mims – Client Producer

Charlene Meeks – Client Producer