Hines Discovery

Rucker & Co called us to create a series of animations for a live event for Hines Securities. The springboard for the look came from a series of ‘etched’ icons (see below) that had an old currency look. Our team built 3D versions of these icons using custom 3D shaders as well as the worlds they inhabited


Rucker & Company


Traylor Woodall- Executive Creative Director

Mitchell Welch- Agency Producer

Doug Rucker- Agency Creative Director

Kyle Jones- Creative Director/ Animator

Brian Altman- Director of Production

Casey Cornett- Music/ Audio

Carson Carr- Animator

Mark Pfeffer- Lead Animator

Eric Stars- Animator

Kevin Harkness- 3D Modeling & Rigging

Nick Woolridge- Shader/ R & D

Magnetic Dreams- Additional 3D modeling & surfacing

Brian Friel- Producer

Tara VanLaeken- Producer