EPB Retail Video Wall 2

The final component of our EPB campaign was an epic branding film. EPB wanted to show the limitless opportunities that were possible when you combined the great city of Chattanooga, its fabulous citizens and the power and speed of their Fiber Optic network. To tell this story, we and a small army, converged on Chattanooga for a four day shoot that included filming with a Red Epic camera on an remote controlled octocopter. What a blast!





Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Kyle Jones – Creative Director / Lead Designer & Animator

Jeff Nichols – Creative Director

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Sara Towne – Producer

April Kimbrell – Production Manager

Mark Pfeffer – Director / Editor

Carson Carr – Animator

Kevin Harkness – Modeler / Animator

Wes Ware – Modeler / Animator

Zach Gunter – Modeler

Pam Baker – Client Producer

Bob Nolan – Client Production Manager