SMP Consulting came to us with a project that was too cool to pass up. Their client, Bristol Development Group, needed a video that would excite and entice prospective investors to get involved in their opportunistic properties. If there‚Äôs something that we do, it’s ignite excitement.
So we came up with something that would include stunning aerial footage of their different locations, interviews with their founding partners, animation illustrating who they are and what they do, and an overall narrative execution that would clearly articulate the messaging and emotion that was intended for their prospects to respond.
Check out what we came up with!




Fivestone Studios

SMP Consulting Client/Client Producer – Ron Smith

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production – Brian Altman

Director/Director of Photography/Editor – Brian Murie

Producer – David Perry

Animator – Kyle Jones

Mixer – Carson Carr