GAC Top 20 Country Countdown

We were thrilled to be asked by GAC to work on their Top 20 Country Countdown. After several rounds of meetings and creative exploration with GAC’s executive programming and creative team, we were able to distill our ideas into a theme of ‘energy and connectivity’. Departing from the current flat graphic style, we used extensive 3D environments, a bold palette, and energy arcs.

Rebranding GAC’s most watched show was no small feat- especially since the TRT is over 2 hours long. This brought some fun new challenges in designing the package. (1) Opens are usually where the lion’s share of sweat, tears, and creativity are spent. However, with Top 20 we learned the priority was the number cards, or intros to each countdown. And since there were twenty cards, we needed to devise of system of alternating color palettes and animation templates to create a sense of variety without having to build each countdown from scratch. (2) Because of the length of the show, producers were concerned that graphic elements could become redundant, as they often had to support long stretches of video content. Much care was given to creating details that maintained interest without overwhelming the show content.

One of our favorite parts of the project was developing the ‘pop & lock’ dance moves for the number cards. And as every animator needs inspiration to find their groove, we found ours in a sweet Johnny Cash remix- Country Boy. Automating the process of animating the numbers was done with custom scripting, Cinema 4D and Mograph.

Created in both SD and HD, the final package consisted of a complex array of opens, bumps, closes, transitions, letterboxes, full page number cards, number bugs, set graphics, as well as an online toolkit.




Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Designer/Animator – Kyle Jones

Designer – Eric Edwards

Animators – Carson Carr, Kevin Harkness