Our Process



Two Ears, Two Eyes, One mouth

Frankly, we give a damn – We listen because we are hungry to learn, ever eager to tinker and understand how a widget works.

Total Immersion – It is only through marinating in your story, experiencing your technology, and learning about your culture that we can truly help move your brand. We want to meet your team, tour your facilities and understand your industry.

Creative Fodder – We love brand guidelines, creative reference, product demos, and marketing decks. All of these lay the groundwork for a successful ideation phase.



Creative Problem Solving + Business Savvy

Brainstorm – The world doesn’t need another noisy gong added to the cluttered media space. Without an innovative concept, there is no point in making a video, projection, or ad campaign. That’s why our brainstorming sessions are grounded in your business and fortified by our 20+ years of experience. We begin with a big whiteboard, and a fistful of markers. Next come scripts, style frames, and storyboards. And coffee. We don’t stop until we’ve dug down and found that golden idea that screams ‘Let me out! So I can move the freakin’ needle!’

Research – We look at the competition, creative trends, and new technologies to provide the proper vehicle for the idea.

Plan – Next, we build the plan that accounts for every little pixel regarding approach, team, budget, schedule and delivery.



Collaboration Beats a Black Box

Magic Making – Once we’ve doodled, dreamed, and reached a decision on the direction, it’s time to sit down and do the work. We put Fivestone magic together with some good old fashioned elbow grease to craft the creative that will tell your unique story.

Milestones – Whether we are producing a video, interactive or other creative, all our projects are managed via an online portal, allowing your team instant access to milestones, drafts, to dos, and file sharing.

Delivery – Whether, we are uploading to TV stations, shipping drives around the globe, or emailing you a dropbox link, We can deliver on time, on budget, any way you need it.