When Kyle, our creative director, experienced what’s called a “migraine aura,” he responded as any true artist would… by creating a visual simulation to show us what it looked like! Check it out:

“This is a simulation of what a migraine aura, or ‘scintillating scotoma’ looks like. I’ve reduced the gradual 30 minute timeframe down to 30 seconds. It happened to me for the first time last night, starting with central blurred shapes, blind spots, and bright lights, then radiating out to the right in an almost perfect semicircle of vibrating zigzag colors. The shape got further and further into my periphery until it finally disappeared.

I was quite alarmed at first not knowing what was happening- I thought I was possibly going blind or having a stroke, but my wife and webmd helped deduce what it was- a ‘silent migraine,’ which is painless but still produces an aura. I had no idea this kind of thing happened.”