Tara Van Laeken - Marketing Assistant

What are your qualifications?

Well, where do we start? I live in Nashville, and for some reason everyone here seems to like me at Fivestone.  Oh, you mean my degree?  Does a B.S. in Community Education count as a qualification?  I studied mostly education at UW Milwaukee, but the last 4 years I’ve lived in the post production world.  In Milwaukee, I managed Wonder Wonder, and before that I worked with Purple Onion and About Face Media.

Why Fivestone?

I’ve always loved working for a small business that has a strong vision for the future.  Fivestone provides me an opportunity to be a part of something special from the ground up.  As far as how I found out about Fivestone and the position… pure luck!  I met Traylor shortly after moving to Nashville in October, 2011.  When we both found a position that  matched well for me, I whole heartedly accepted.  The team of people and energy at Fivestone is inspiring.  I used to joke about how I was working in a Nashville version of Glee, until I got used to all the multi-talented people.

Why do what you do?

I’ve always been passionate about learning new things and being part of a great team of people.  Fivestone has afforded me the opportunity to do both.  One of my favorite things about this industry is establishing and building relationships with clients; both new and existing.  The fast paced environment, constantly changing projects, and drive to provide our clients with a finished product they’re happy with keeps things exciting every day.