We’re pleased to announce that after two years of juggling, ping pong playing and occasionally working, Kyle Jones has been promoted to our Creative Director.  Congratulations, Kyle!

Here are Kyle’s thoughts on the matter:

What are your qualifications? 

I’ve been arting (pardon me) my whole life- constantly drawing and making things. I got in trouble several times for turning in homework wrought with doodles. Officially though, I am a graduate of MTSU with a major in graphic design and minor in interactive design. I interned/freelanced throughout school at a webdesign studio in Nashville and spent a summer in the On-Air Graphics department of CMT and worked for several months at Eyeball in NYC before coming down and joining Fivestone full time.

Why Fivestone?

I love the people at Fivestone, which I find as equally important as the work we do. I love the challenge of finding solutions for our wide range of clients. I’m excited to see how our workflow is evolving, integrating more 3D and live action work. Also being in the heart of Downtown Nashville is a blast; there is a lot of energy here!

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve been obsessed with animation for as long as I can remember. On a family trip to Disney World (back when there was an animation dept. there) I got to see the animators working on Pocahontas, flipping pages back and forth. Thus began a long line of flip books, Macromedia Flash, 3D software, and After Effects. Motion graphics is great because the potential seems limitless. Everyday I’m seeing something new that inspires and pushes the boundaries. It incorporates art in it’s purest sense with music, graphic design, cinematography, and storytelling. It is a culmination of everything I love wrapped up into one.

So who the heck are you?

I’m one of those people who likes to pick up lots of random skills, mostly useless. Over the years this has included: juggling, unicycling, swing dancing, playing guitar, piano, learning several programming languages, and other impossibly nerdy things. I also always have a few personal projects going on outside of work… from font designing, to writing and illustrating children’s books, to directing short films. I’ve never properly recorded my music, but I love improvising on the piano. I’m also an avid podcast listener, exhausting the archives to This American Life, Radiolab, Stuff You Should Know, the Moth, and various comedy podcasts.