Meet Kaitlyn Kolesaire, our newest animator! She came to us as an intern, but we loved having her around so much that we brought her on full time! Get to know her a bit here:


Tell us about yourself…

Hello! I’m Kaitlyn, a recent graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design. With a BFA in Motion Media Design, much of my life is spent behind a computer screen making designs come to life!

Why do what you do?

I’ve always known I was destined to end up in a creative field. Growing up, my interests ranged from competitive dance, to creative writing, to a short stint playing the Clarinet (embarrassing, yes, I know.) I went to school with the intention of becoming a filmmaker, but after accidentally falling into the Motion Media department at SCAD, I knew motion graphics was the right fit. It was the perfect combination of film, fine art, and music…what more could you ask for? Every animation brings a sense of accomplishment, and I’m thrilled to be doing what I love.

Why Fivestone?

After graduation, I was fortunate enough to accept an animation internship at Fivestone. I’d never been to Nashville before, but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to work at this studio, whose work I admired and respected. I soon discovered what a talented, ambitious team they had, and it was a no-brainer when they asked me to stay. I never thought I’d end up in Tennessee, but I’m so happy I did!

Something Random?

I can play the Lord of the Rings theme song on the clarinet by memory.
I’ve also written a full-length novel.