David Perry

Meet our newest producer extraordinaire: David Perry! We are beyond excited to have him on the Fivestone team. David comes to us with a strong background in live film production. Find out more about him below:



I grew up in the former Soviet Union, Latvia, and started off in music and theatre. I was pretty heavily involved in film scoring when I was exposed to film editing, and just the endless ways a story could be cut together. So I dove into editing, and was mentored by a fantastic film editor. From there I moved into writing, directing and producing, and slowly moved up and progressed in bigger budgets, scope and audience engagement. I also have a real entrepreneurial side. I am always looking for value and opportunities to capitalize on. That’s what I love about entertainment and the arts in general. It’s the true synergy of creativity and commerce.


I love telling stories and finding the most powerful way they should be communicated to fit a specific audience. And then creating something that compels a specific response, whatever that may be. I also love working with people. One of the reasons I got involved in film was the fact that you get to work with so many different people, all collaborating and pouring their guts into making one little story become a reality. That is a pretty powerful thing.


I wanted to get more into the animation side of things. My background was mostly in live action, but I believe in the animation and interactive form of storytelling and engagement and wanted to pursue mastering it. I believe that Fivestone does that better than anyone in town, and so wanted to immerse myself in their knowledge and expertise, and add that skillset to my arsenal.


I would love for Fivestone to start producing some films. I think that the ability to tell compelling stories is a strength here, and I believe that the time is coming for us to produce our own films, and get that out to a global audience. I am a big believer in both the business and artistry of film.


I am pretty obsessed with donuts, am always going through a cycle of new hair and facial hair styles, and am a huge foodie.