Producer at Fivestone Studios

Fivestone Studios is proud to announce that Sara Towne has joined the team as our Producer Extraordinaire! Let’s see what Sara has to say about herself….


So who the heck are you?

I’m an Army Brat who grew up in 6 different cities before I hit 4th grade, and loved it. I’ve lived in Nashville for 9 years, and have lived in 5 different houses, old habits die hard. I have a great husband, a mostly well-behaved pup, and we live in the suburbs because our dog needed a yard. Our families live far away, but we travel to see them as much as we can. My niece is my world. The beach is my happy place, and my favorite beach is in Delaware (it’s true – look it up!). And 8 days out of 10, I’m wearing flip flops, even in the Winter.

What is your background?

I graduated from JMU (Go Dukes!) in 2004 with a degree in Media Arts & Design, and moved to Nashville that same Fall. I came to town for an internship at CMT in the on-air design department. The internship lasted 3 months, and it turned into a full time job for 8 ½ years. I learned a ton while working with some amazing creative folks, and fell in love with Nashville in the meantime.

Why Fivestone?

Why not?  I met Traylor while working at CMT – he was one of the designers, and I worked on the project management side of things. We worked together for a couple of years, until he left to follow his dream and start his own company (for those of you not following, that’s Fivestone!). We kept in touch, and I kept up with the amazing work that Fivestone was doing. As you read before, I was at CMT for 8 ½ years, so I was ready for a change. Around the same time, Traylor and his team were looking for a new Producer, and the timing just worked out! Fivestone has been a much needed change for me, but I still get to use a lot of the skills I learned at CMT. I love the smaller environment, and the wonderful and creative folks that I get to call co-workers.

Why do what you do?

My job is basically to organize all of the projects we have going on, from schedules and deliverables to keeping up with clients. I LOVE to organize and plan things. I’m good at it, and for whatever reason, I enjoy it. I had a large binder full of tabs and contracts, along with multiple excel sheets when I planned my wedding. Some may call it OCD – I call it organized.

Something random?

I love sports. A lot. Even though neither of them win often, I will love the Mets and the Redskins as long as I live.