Fivestone Spotlight : Carson Carr

Meet Carson. Well, you probably already know him. He’s been at Fivestone since the beginning. But what you may not know is that Carson is also a DJ and music producer extraordinaire. Last week, he traveled to Portland for a few gigs. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase him and his talent! We asked Carson a few questions about the trip and his background in music. Read on to hear about it, and check out some of his tunes below:
Carson Carr

What were you doing on the West Coast last week exactly?

I was in Portland for the Northwest House Music Conference with a friend I produce and DJ with, Christian Thomas. We were asked to to give a workshop on how we make and play music and DJ a few gigs at a venue called The Analog.

How often do you play?

I’ve been playing around the US since 2003 and our first show in Portland was in 2009. Some upcoming gigs are on an island this weekend, Halloween in Nashville and Charlotte, NC in a couple months.

What makes this trip special?

This is the 3rd year for that festival and it’s been fun to be a part of it, although Portland is such a cool city that we honestly have just as much fun playing any event there. Lots of the people who come to the shows are DJs who buy our records (vinyl & digital) and it’s awesome to get to meet and hang with them in person.

How’d you get into DJing?

I grew up in my dad’s recording studio on Music Row here in Nashville and started making music with computers in the early nineties, so I was a producer first who didn’t know how to or really want to DJ… but after people started buying my releases, the bookings came as a byproduct of that and I had to learn. Making electronic music ties in closely with DJing in the same way that bands make albums and then tour.

For those of us who don’t understand, what’s really cool about what you do?

I’ve always been a fan of pop music, so it’s been interesting to watch the style of underground electronic music I was making for so long proliferate into pop culture. Pretty much everything in the Billboard top 10 is heavily influenced by or IS “EDM” (Electronic Dance Music)… My favorite thing about doing what I do is when someone sends me a video of a dance floor in like, Amsterdam, going off to one of my tracks. It’s inspiring to see people I’ve never met, sweating it out and having such a great time to something I made in my little home studio in Nashville. I’ve sent stuff to China, Africa and Australia minutes after creating it and had it played there in clubs and on radio that same night. The Internet is amazing for that!

What do you do at Fivestone, and how does it relate to your free time music ventures?

I’ve been animating at Fivestone since 2007 but have also had a lot of opportunities to do sound design, mixing and original music for the projects that come through. It’s what comes naturally to me and I love being able to bring that passion into our pipeline.

Check out some of his tracks below:

Solo work: