COVID-19 Solutions

Fivestone Studios takes its role in providing safety-focused production during the global pandemic seriously. We have developed a standard for COVID set guidelines, as well as several remote production models that allow us to produce content at a large and efficient scale.

COVID Guidelines

Every Fivestone production begins with a fierce commitment to safety. From the very beginning of the pandemic, we worked with local and national organizations, guilds and unions to develop a set of cohesive COVID safety measures. To read our most up to date guidelines, that we adhere to for every production, at any level, click here.

Remote Production Solutions

We have a range of options to help production companies, brands, and agencies acquire quality video content as a completely remote solution. Whether it’s maximizing a zoom recording or sending out remote film kits to capture 4k content, you can learn more about our offerings here.

Virtual Work Environments!

Our studio’s post-production pipeline is a 100% virtual work environment built on a cloud infrastructure that allows artists, animators, and creatives to collaborate in real-time around the globe. To learn how we can partner with your creative teams, click here!

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