We helped Traylor test out a fun group project for an upcoming workshop he’s teaching, using Post-it notes as flip-books. It was so fun even our non-artists took up the challenge.

Logistically, scanning 12 x 30 sheets of Post-it notes, cropping, registering, color correcting sounded awfully tedious- until Kyle remembered seeing the Evernote booth at SXSW last year. “I remembered how easy it was to snap a picture and the Evernote Post-it camera would automatically crop it and flatten the colors.”  It took less than a minute to capture a pad of Post-its, with Evernote automatically cropping and adjusting the levels. All we had to do then was import the images as a sequence into Adobe After Effects and boom, it was done!

Post-it Party Post-it PartyPost-it Party Post-it Partyevernote post-it camera







Some of us couldn’t help but post on instagram…

Flip book!

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Post-it note break @fivestonestudios #duckpoo

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