UpDesk – Product Line Video

Any successful CEO knows that in order to set your employees up for success, you need to have the right tools. UpDesk offers companies just that. Their stellar product line of desks are built to match and adapt to your employees’ unique needs and lifestyles. We were thrilled to tell the story! Together with UpDesk, we created a narrative featuring a variety of office personalities, each equipped with the right UpDesk to match. We then integrated callouts and graphics into the footage, illustrating each desk’s advanced features and flexibility. Check out what we came up with, and take a look behind-the-scenes below.


UpDesk BTS
UpDesk BTS
UpDesk BTS




UpDesk – Client

Kamron Kunce – Client Producer

David McCall – Client Producer

Fivestone Studios – Animation Company

Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Brian Murie – Director

Andrew Howell – Director of Photography

Jordan Holt – Producer

Kyle Jones – Creative Director / Animator / Designer

Technical Director/Lead Designer & Animator – Kevin Harkness

Daniel Petrino – Designer