Super Circle 5

Who are the Super Circle 5? Why, only a multinational team of Honda associates bent on solving problems and cultivating innovative ideas! And how!

We really cut our teeth on this one. With a 3+ minute run time and scenes jam packed with luscious illustration and character animation, this project brought to us by o2 Ideas took Fivestone’s production to new heights. Our team of designimators developed a heroic pipeline combining 2D illustration/animation and 3D camera techniques. Check out the full video here.


o2 Ideas


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer – Brian Altman

Lead Animator – Eric Stars

Lead Designer/Illustrator – Daniel Petrino

Animators – Eric Stars, Daniel Petrino, Caresse Haaser, Kevin Harkness, Alan Knox

o2 Ideas

Executive Creative Director – Ian David

Associate Creative Director – Cleve Smith

Senior Art Director – Chris Cox