Fivestone Explorer Mobile Platform


Since the beginning in 2007, a major foundation of Fivestone Studios’ business has been product visualization. Whether working from photos or CAD files, we have developed a solid pipeline for creating animations of our clients products. Over the years we have animated everything from laptops and servers for Dell, cellphones for Verizon and Samsung, to skyscrapers and deer hunting arrowheads. Some of the challenges are:

– The process can be very time & cost intensive due to the significant computational power needed to create the footage required for a  high end product video.

– The experience is linear and the conversation one directional. The audience cannot engage with the product beyond just watching the video play.


Over the last couple years, advances in technology have brought some interesting gamification options to the table that can help create more immersive customer experiences with brands and their products. Instead of a mere linear experience that video provides, gamification puts products into a an interactive environment allowing customers to manipulate and explore brands and products at their own speed and level of interest.


We have developed Fivestone Explorer, a mobile platform that allows brands to easily integrate their products into a custom immersive, realtime 3D environment. Currently it can be deployed to IOS, Android, Windows 8 & web. To see the product in action, you can check out our online demo! Please be aware that this page requires a free plug-in to run successfully.



Fivestone Studios


Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Kyle Jones – Creative Director / Lead Designer & Animator

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Sara Towne – Producer

Juan Rubio – Unity Developer