Any videographer can tell you that filming a neon sign is challenging; some might even call it impossible. So, Bohan Advertising came to us to create a realistic 3D render of the O’Charleys Free Pie Wednesday sign for the restaurant’s next TV spot. We borrowed the neon sign and let our 3D modeler work his magic, mimicking every detail until we had a photoreal render. We could then virtually light and animate the sign all from within Cinema 4D, making it crystal clear for its big debut. Check out the final result.


Bohan Advertising


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Creative Director – Kyle Jones

Director of Production – Brian Altman

Producer – Sara Towne

3D Modeling/Animation – Kevin Harkness

Sound Design – Kevin Harkness, Carson Carr

Bohan Advertising

Creative Director – Jon Arnold

Copywriter – Rich Parubrub

Director of Broadcast – Penny Rahe