Live @ 9:30

9:30 Club is a state-of-the-art, intimate rock venue located in the heart of Washington, D.C. Their new TV show, Live @ 9:30, is a brand new variety show featuring acts of all genres live from 9:30 Club. Even more — a unique medley of segments, from interviews to short films to comedy acts, are interspersed within each hour long episode. That’s where we came in! Our Austin-based friends at Preacher and The Content Farm came to us looking for a set of custom animated graphics to introduce these segments. The goal was to capture the energy and vibe of the venue, while reflecting the unique twist of each individual segment. Check out what we came up with!




Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production & Operations – Brian Altman

Creative Director / Lead Designer – Kyle Jones

Producer – Taylor Schomp

Animators – Kyle Jones, Kaitlyn Kolesaire

The Content Farm

Michael Holstein

Annika Young

Anthony Verderame

Preacher – Creative Agency