Lee Company Interactive Presentation

We all know how hard it is to pay attention to yet another PowerPoint. That’s why Lee Company came to us in search of an innovative and dynamic presentation for their new service, InSight. Together with their team, we decided to develop a custom interactive product that helps presenters tell a story. We staged a photoshoot and designed and developed a UX to do the trick. The final result was an interactive platform and matching print brochure that dynamically reveals the power of their new service.

Lee Company

Lee Company

Lee Company

“I was searching for a way to transform the typical, dull and technical power point presentation into a memorable, creative and somewhat theatrical story telling event. Fivestone Studios has delivered that method in a big way. They listened, they created and they delivered!”

Steve Scott, VP, Lee Company




Lee Company


Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Jordan Holt – Producer

Kyle Jones – Creative Director and Designer

Kevin Harkness – Developer and Designer

Taylor Schomp – Developer

Brett Warren – Photographer

Howard Goldthwaite – Copywriting

Lee Company

Amy Cathey – Client Producer

Steve Scott – Client Producer

Chris Weir – Client Producer

White Post Media

Chuck Merritt – Client Producer