Healthtrust came to us to help develop highly visual stories that could span across web, tradeshow, events, and digital signage applications. The Healthtrust and Fivestone teams developed a graphic ‘beam’ to drive narrative and visualize the insight and illumination they bring to their client organizations.

The final deliverables were a 16:9 4K animated brand film as well as 2 portrait versions that played on their tradeshow booth video wall.

Healthtrust Tradeshow Video



Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer – Brian Altman

Design & Art Direction – Nik Daum & Daniel Petrino

Animation – Eric Stars, Kevin Harkness, Carson Carr, Daniel Petrino, Matt Roberts


Jeff Livak – Senior Marketing Manager, Creative & Digital

Brett Tweedie – Director of Strategic Marketing

Astor Group  – Exhibit Design