Imagine a team that could avoid redundancy, minimize human error, and focus on solving the problems that matter most. Any business owner knows that dream. Well, HealthScout wants to help it come true, and our friends at Arbor Health asked us to tell the story! We developed the overall branding and creative to communicate the power behind HealthScout’s smart analytics in the Healthcare industry. Check out the logo design, sales brochure, and explainer video that we came up with:

Explainer Video


HealthScout Logo

Iconography and Collateral



Arbor Health


Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Director of Production – Brian Altman

Producer – Sara Towne

Creative Director/Lead Designer & Animator – Kyle Jones

Designers/Animators – Caresse Haaser & Daniel Petrinoe

Sound Design – Carson Carr

Arbor Health

Chief Operating Officer – Joe Storey

Chief Technology Officer – Rene A. Torrado