Bridgestone Tire Tread Patterns

Bridgestone wanted to update its explainer videos showcasing its different types of tire treads and driver benefits. Fivestone was the perfect partner due to our established relationship developing Bridgestone’s first AR product explorer app. We understood how to engage the target audience, and also how to make tires look awesome.

The concept Fivestone delivered took place in an elegant, 3D car show room, with a slick car being fitted with different Bridgestone tire solutions. Powerful robotic arms showed the viewer what direction and orientation the tires should be fitted, and the driver benefits were highlighted using simple, tasteful call outs. We even created an immersive 360° video experience of the showroom (see below).

Fivestone was excited about delivering such a high end experience for Bridgestone’s viewers. With simple messaging, and clear visuals, the end product was something both Bridgestone and Fivestone are proud of.




360° Video




Fivestone Studios

Executive Creative Director – Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer – Brian Altman

Producer – David Perry

Designer – Daniel Petrino

Lead Animator – Kevin Harkness

Animator – Eric Stars