It’s no secret that kids get fidgety in class.  All that energy just builds and builds and without a constructive way to release it, students either get distracted or get in trouble… and that’s not good for anyone.

GoNoodle is an innovative new tool for teachers to help their students “channel classroom energy for good.”  We used this project to channel our energies in a different way as well. We stepped outside our virtual design world, broke out our paper, scissors, and popsicle sticks, and made a video with childlike energy and fun using practical props and in-camera effects.  We think the final results are an A+.




Traylor Woodall – Executive Creative Director

Ben Lehman – Client Producer

Jason O’Brien – Client Producer

Kyle Jones – Creative Director/Lead Designer

Brian Altman – Director of Production

Mark Pfeffer – Director/Animator

Daniel Petrino – Designer/Animator

Carson Carr – Audio

Sara Towne – Producer